Diamond drill bit


The rocking effect of the diamond drill is done by diam […]

The rocking effect of the diamond drill is done by diamond particles. To know the rock role of the drill bit, you must understand the rock role of single-grain diamond. In the hard formation, single diamonds cause rock in extremely high stress under drilling (about 4200-5700 MPa, some data can reach 6300MPa), so that rock transitions occur in rocks, which becomes plasticity from brittleness. Single diamonds eat into the formation, cut the rock under torque, and the cutting depth is substantially equal to the eating depth of diamond particles. This process is like "plowing", not the plow cutting effect of diamond drill bit.


In some brittle rocks (such as sandstone, limestone, etc.), the diamond particles on the drill bit are much greater than the volume of the rock, which is much greater than the eating and rotation volume of diamond particles. When the pressure is not large, the small groove can only be formed along the direction of movement of the diamond, and the pressure can make the small groove deep with the rocks on both sides.The size of the diamond particles are exceeded.



The rock effect of the diamond drill, except for external factors (such as pressure, temperature, formation fluid properties, etc.) related to rock resistance and influencing of rock, are important factors. Like the gerbera drill, it has three ways of breaking, fatigue breaking, and volume fragmentation. Only when the diamond particles have sufficient compression into the formation rock, the ideal rock effect can be achieved when the rock occurs.


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