Woodworking chisel is a flexible steel or iron cutting edge mainly used for wood carving


A wood chisel is an implement with a naturally curved c […]

A wood chisel is an implement with a naturally curved cutting edge (in the sense that wood chisels possess a specific edge of a sharp blade at its end) of flexible steel or iron, for cutting or sculpting a hard object including wood, metal, or stone by hand. It has a broad flat face and a short head. Some models are fitted with reversible cutting edges for use in cutting soft materials like plaster, cloth, or paper. Wood chisels are primarily used for wood carving; however, it has also been known to be used for cutting stone, tile, granite and marble. Chiseling is done mainly by hand with the use of a wood chisel or a wood tooled stone tool.

A wood chisel usually has a tapered diamond cutting edge and straight shaft with a long handle. The tool head of a wood chisel is with the flat edge at the end. The concave edges allow the wood chisel to glide over the surface it is to be used on while enabling solid contact with the desired surface. In other words, the flat portion of the tool head needs to rest firmly against the work surface with the concave edge resting on the bench or table used for exercising or working on wood.

Various types of wood chisels are available for the purpose of carving. One is the flat head chisel which is narrower than other types of chisels. This helps to avoid damaging stone surfaces while one is trying to chip away at the stone. Another type of wood chisel is the mortise and tenon bench. While these benches were originally designed for stone carving, today they are used primarily for pressing large pieces of block, tile, marble or granite into a wooden frame on which they are carved. Some chiseling tools are now designed for use on softer surfaces, although many still need to be used on hard surfaces.

For small projects such as jewelry boxes and flower pots the wood chisels most often used are those designed for wood turning. The tools commonly used for turning wood are hand gouges, cutters and chisels. These are all handheld instruments that have sharp edges and a long handle. Wood turning is an art form and requires expertise as well as common tools. Many who practice woodworking enjoy making small sculptures from metals and stones or creating home decor.

Another tool used in woodworking is the mallet. Masons use these to drill into steel or aluminum to remove a core section. The use of a hammer or chisel in relation to a mallet gives the tool the ability to cut and shape metal without the need to use an actual hand drill. A woodturner may purchase a simple tool such as this as a simple single action tool or a double action tool that has a chisel on one end and a hammer on the other.

The flat top sharp wood chisel is the most popular woodworking chisel in use today. They come in many different designs and sizes. Woodturners prefer to use a pair of these chisels rather than just one. They also tend to be more versatile because of their size and design capabilities. A flat top allows woodworkers to cover larger areas of work and even square off cuts. Woodchishers often choose to use a square edge versus a rounded edge when sharpening wood chisels.


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