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The chisel bit is a specialized diamond cutting tool, a […]

The chisel bit is a specialized diamond cutting tool, and like all cutting tools it can have problems with wear. Although most chisels are designed to last for many years, there are some made specifically for use lasting just a few months. A chisel bit is a very useful tool and its importance can not be underestimated. Diamond cutting is an art form and to cut diamonds perfectly you must know what you're doing. Even the most seasoned professional has lost track of time sometimes and the perfect cut can be gone in a split second. Time is always money so you must learn how to protect your investment and maximize the life of your chisel.

To start with, you should take your chisel bit and clean it thoroughly. Dust particles that accumulate on the surface can create a barrier between the diamond bit and the skin of the stone, reducing its ability to cut effectively. Always remember to wipe your diamond bit and chisel thoroughly after each use, especially in between gemstone chips or along crack patterns. Diamonds can also stain clothing so always keep them out of direct light and avoid situations where they might get caught up in curtains, tablecloths, or other fabrics. These simple but important steps will help you maintain the sharpness and durability of your chisel.

A chisel bit should never be allowed to stand overnight in a warm place. The heat causes the metal to expand, which can cause the bit to crack. You must use protective gloves and a heat-proof bag to prevent damage to your chisel. Do not allow the chisel bit to get too hot as well, and do not use it near a blazing source of heat (a hairdryer or hair dryer). If you're using a chisel in an oven, set the oven's temperature to low and leave the chisel bit alone.

If you drop your chisel on the ground or any hard surface it could dull or damage your stone. For this reason, always handle with care. Always place it in a clean bucket or other container before it becomes dull. You can use a jeweler's stone polishing cloth to wipe it down and give it some extra oil if need be.

It is important that you protect your chisel bit from moisture. You can do this by storing your chisel in a water-proof bowl or container and only use it when absolutely necessary. This is a simple precaution that can save you a lot of frustration if you find that water has gotten into your chisel bit. If you drop your chisel into water, let it drain naturally on its own; this should take care of any moisture that may have gotten inside.

It is also very important to clean your chisel bit regularly. Every time you finish working with your chisel, give it a good cleaning. This will keep it in top condition and help you use it longer. Some general chisel bit care rules are to avoid touching the chisel bit itself, and to always wipe the bit down thoroughly after every use. Regular maintenance of your chisel is a great way to make sure that it works well for years to come.


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