What is the principle of square hole drills


What is the principle of square hole drills Square hole […]

What is the principle of square hole drills
Square hole drills are mainly used for woodworking. The reason lies in the existence of an impact body. Using this working principle for drilling steel, iron, and materials requires very high tool strength. The specific principle is as follows: The square hole drill is a kind of hardware tool, which is mainly composed of an internal rotating impact body and an external impact body. The existing various drills can only process round holes, not square holes. To process square holes, you must use a round hole drill or a cutting machine to make a rough hole and then chisel it by hand.



The operation method of woodworking square hole drill
The woodworking square hole drill is a special square hole and key hole drill used on the square tenon machine. If there is no square tenon machine, use the drill core to make a few more holes on the bench drill or electric drill, and then use the square hole drill jacket to tap Strike, be slow when you strike.

While the woodworking square hole drill uses the inner rotating body to drill the round hole, it uses the impact force transmitted to the outer impact body by the electric hammer to break the material between the round hole and the square head wall, and process it into a square hole at one time, and the dust is broken It can be discharged from the slag pipe. Using square hole drills of different specifications and matching square hole machines with appropriate power, square holes that meet the requirements can be drilled. It can reduce the labor intensity of construction workers, speed up construction, reduce construction costs, and is suitable for construction, installation, decoration, and decoration industries.

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