How to choose the best combination of drill pipe and drilling rig?


In coal mines, it is mainly used for coal mine water ex […]

In coal mines, it is mainly used for coal mine water exploration, gas exploration, coal direction exploration, coal thickness and coal seam water injection, etc. Moreover, the diameter and application fields of various drill rods are different. Therefore, it is recommended that all friends should "check the seats" when choosing drill pipes. So the question is, how to achieve "checked seats"?


Let's take geological drill pipes, geological spiral drill pipes, high-efficiency spiral drill pipes and triangular drill pipes as examples.

Geological drill pipes are mainly used for water exploration, gas exploration and coal exploration;

Geological spiral drill pipe is mainly suitable for deep hole drilling construction with geological conditions above medium hard and has the function of discharging slag;

The high-efficiency spiral drill pipe is suitable for the drilling construction of water exploration and gas exploration under the geological conditions of coal seams and near coal seams. It has the characteristics of light weight, fast connection, and fast slag discharge speed;

Triangular drill pipe is the first choice for deep hole drilling in soft geological and soft coal seams.

In the application range of various products, it can also be seen that all types of drill rods have their own unique advantages. Only when we clearly understand the characteristics and application scope of each product can we do it in the process of selecting products. Only by "checking the number of seats" can we find the most suitable match.

Of course, in the process of product selection, product characteristics are one of the considerations, and the other is also the most critical aspect, that is, the torque of the drill pipe and the drilling rig must be matched, otherwise fracture will occur. So the question is again, how to choose a match?

We know that the torque of the drilling rig is fixed, so how does the value of the torque of the drill rod come from and what are the factors?

The factors that affect the torque value of the drill pipe are composed of the following aspects:

The value of drill pipe torque is mainly based on the specification, material and form of drill pipe joints and production process changes to produce different performance conclusions. The change value is caused by different materials and processes. The drilling depth of the drill pipe is related to the torque of the drill pipe, but it is not absolutely determined by the torque of the drill pipe. It should be based on different geological conditions and The drill rod selected and the type of drill bit determine the drilling depth.

In this way, the torque of the drill rod and the drill rig is selected, and then the corresponding drill rod is selected according to the geological conditions of the operation, and then the matching drill bit is selected and the construction can be carried out. Of course, these are theoretical data, and specific problems can be analyzed in detail during the construction process.


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