How should different geological rocks choose a gold steel stone drill bit?


Speaking of the physical properties of the rock, the ca […]

Speaking of the physical properties of the rock, the captains often say that its composition, hardness, and density. In fact, geotechnical engineering is a professional discipline. The research on the physical properties of rocks are very complicated, far more than the nature of our daily use, and the physical properties of rocks are determined for the choice of diamond drill. Therefore, it is judged that the physical properties of the rock are often used as entry-level compulsory subjects of geological exploration and geotechnical engineering.

Common rock physical properties

The physical properties of the rock include the identification of rocks and the mechanical properties of rocks:


First, the apparent nature of the rock
Includes density and porosity, water resistance and water permeability, looseness and flow diffusion, and stability. They can be seen from the apparent characteristics of the rock, which is the main parameters of the most basic understanding of rocks, and the main reference for the selection of the captain for diamond drill.

1) Density and porosity
The quality of the rock is called the density of the rock. The porosity of the rock is the ratio of the volume of the pore in the rock and the volume of the rock.

2) Water resistance and water permeability of rock
The aqueous moisture of the rock is generally expressed in a water-containing water, which is the ratio of the volume of water in the pores and the volume of the rock. The aqueous content of rock is proportional to the porosity of the rock. The water permeability of the rock is expressed in units of water through the amount of rock. The larger the voids of the rock, the higher the water permeability, the lower the strength and stability of the rock.

3) Looseness and drainage
Looseness refers to the degree of denseness of the rock structure, and the looseness of rock is weak, which is easy to break, such crushing or pebbles should use gold diamond 25-28 degrees / research 50 Diamond drill bit. The free side of the rock has a high performance of the trend, referred to as ambiguity. Rock looseness and flow diffusion brought difficult to drilling construction.

4) Stability
When there is a free side (such as drilling) in the rock mass, the rock can remain unsmatched, and the performance of the non-collapsed is referred to as stability.



Second, the mechanical properties of rocks
The rocks showed the properties and damaged properties of the rock, called the mechanical properties of rocks. Rotary with diamond drills is related to the strength, hardness, elasticity, brittleness and plasticity of rocks, as well as rock grinding.

1) Strength of the rock
The strength of the rock refers to the total styles of the rock to all kinds of different forms of external force (pull, pressure, shear force, torque, etc.). Factors affecting rock strength are divided into natural factors and process technical factors. Natural factors include rocky mineral components, rock particle size, rocky weight and porosity, defects of rock layers and rock structures; process technical factors include rock deformation, rock stress, and externally. The influence of the medium and the linear size of the rock sample.

2) Rock hardness, elasticity, plasticity, brittleness and abrasiveness
Very hard granite rock should choose a gold diamond 6-8 degree diamond bit.

3) Rocks A, B value
The a value of the rock refers to the wear of diamonds in the drill bit; the rock B value is the wear of the drill branch when the drill bit is drilled into the rock. This is the most important parameters for determining the number of diamond drills, but these two worth determining that ordinary drilling workers who often use professional equipment, in the actual field drilling process, unable to complete measurement. Therefore, it should be an estimate of the wear of rocks based on past experience.

Due to the diversity and complexity of the rock, in many cases, the experience does not predict the basic physical properties, so it can refer to the drilling knowledge article published by Yishi Technology, and please feel free to contact the manufacturer's question about the choice of diamond drill. Minimize drilling costs, and achieve the optimal drilling efficiency, select the rationality of the diamond drill bit is the primary task of drilling homework, so the huge tiger can not.


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