What You Should Know About Forstner Bits


Brad Point Forstner Bits is tools created by Brad Forst […]

Brad Point Forstner Bits is tools created by Brad Forstner that are used in the woodworking industry. These bits are not your traditional circular sawing bits that you find in your typical wood working shop. They are rather hand driven and offer a much more refined and precise cutting action. Some people compare them to a dental floss, but I feel that comparison falls short because with a dental floss, you move and glide through your teeth whereas with Forstner bits; you have to hit your bits on specific angles and directions to get the results you want. They are designed to be more precise and harder hitting than their counterparts, which makes them ideal for use with hardwood as well as laminate and plywood.

Brad Point Forstner bits offer precision cutting on both wood and laminate while maintaining their distinct round head. This characteristic is what sets them apart from your typical wood carving tool. The cutting depth of these tools can be adjusted using a rotary knob that is located right on the bit. You simply push the knob in order to cut a path or direction and when you want to stop the bit, push the knob again to lock the cutting action.

The precision cutting angle of these tools is incredible. This is what allows the wood workers to make such detailed and intricate cuts on stock and other woods. The angles are set using an ingenious cutting device that allows the bit to rotate at different speeds and directions, which is precisely what is needed to avoid damaging the wood while cutting it. Once the bit has beveled, the angles can be changed by turning the knob in the opposite direction to create a back and forth cutting action. All of these actions produce a superior level of cutting efficiency.

While Brad Point Forstner bits can be used on most kinds of wood, they are especially suited to working with softwoods like pine. Because of the way the bit rotates, the soft wood tends to swell when it is cut, so extra care should be taken to ensure that the bit does not catch on anything when it is in use. If the wood comes into contact with something solid during use, the bit can become damaged because the counterbalance will have a different shape than what is anticipated.

There are many different sizes of Brad Point bits available, and each size is designed for a specific use. For example, the smallest size is designed for working on small pieces of wood and metal and for very precise cutting. However, the largest size of this tool is used for cutting large boards and panels. The tool can also be used as a sander, which is especially helpful in sanding floors and other types of hard surfaces.

The Forstner bit is an incredible versatile woodworking tool. It can cut through just about anything you want it to, thanks to its incredible cutting efficiency. When purchasing a Forstner bits, consider the amount of wood you will be cutting and how intricate you want the finished product to be. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that the wood you plan on cutting with the tool should be treated for durability. Also, there is no need to purchase a sander to use with your forstner bits, since they are designed for rough uses.


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