What are the characteristics of triangular drill pipes


In the structural design of the taper thread connection […]

In the structural design of the taper thread connection type, the rod body adopts a triangular pyramid structure, which embodies the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency in production and use, so it is called a triangular pyramid type high-efficiency friction welding drill pipe, or a tri-pyramid type high-efficiency drill pipe for short.


On the basis of the use of three-sided differential mixing to prevent the cinder from being deposited and efficiently discharged during movement, the design ensures that the thread specifications of the same type of drill pipe are maximized.

The hexagonal plug connection type drill pipe joint adopts a hexagonal connection method, so that the torque and comprehensive mechanical performance of the drill pipe under the same diameter condition reach the optimal configuration, which reflects the design goal of maximizing the drill pipe torque.


The special horizontal drill rod spring positioning pin is used for connection, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of threaded drill rod thread jamming and screw head twisting.


At the same time, the installation and disassembly of the horizontal drill pipe spring positioning pin is quick and convenient, saving time and effort. Compared with threaded or bolted fixing pins, the work efficiency is greatly improved.


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