Needle-nose pliers are both powerful holding and cutting pliers


Needle-nose pliers are both powerful holding and cuttin […]

Needle-nose pliers are both powerful holding and cutting pliers used primarily by craftsmen, jewelers, electricians, plumbers and many other tradesmen to cut, re-adjust and manipulate wire. Their namesake has long been epitomized by a long nose that looks like the beak of a parrot. The long wire-to-gold paper's cutting edge is located near the plier's joint; its cutting power can cut through almost anything, including light gauge wire, through metal sheets and other solid objects. This paper is ideal for most wire sizes and is especially useful when crimping together two or more pieces of copper wire because the long nose is able to grasp and wrap around the crimp head. Long-nosed pliers are also commonly used as Sanders by plumbers because the long, deep nose is capable of getting into small cracks to expose the softer gold.

For the ultimate in gripping power, there are two types of needle-nose plier sets: straight and curved. The curved set of pliers have a longer and narrower width than their straight counterparts. The curved set are generally considered to be the best needle-nose plier sets because they are designed to provide maximum gripping leverage while providing an increased measure of safety and security against snagging. This poker set can fit into tight places where a straight set would buckle or bend.

Needle-nose plier sets, as well as their shorter versions, do come in different sizes. Long wire feeders, or long nose pliers, are traditionally used in industrial applications because of their ability to work with heavy materials and their ability to cut through thick wire with great force. Short wire feeders are great for plucking and stripping wires. Many plier shops have both long wire and short wirefeeders on hand.

Long wire feeders have many features that make them different from other pliers. They have a side adjustment that allows the user to lock the jaws of the pliers to ensure a secure hold onto objects. Also, there is a side adjustment that allows the player to have either a light or red glow. The red glow is most commonly used to mark locations on objects. This feature makes the red glow practically invisible to others.

A long nose plier set can either be purchased or made at home. Many plier kits sold on the market include a long nose pliers with the basic cutting tool. Many plier kits also include a side cut, which is helpful for removing jammed doors or cables without having to use extra tools. However, making a long nose plier by oneself is not difficult.

As mentioned before, there are several different styles of long nose pliers. However, they all basically perform the same function. All long nose pliers have been designed to provide an efficient way to grasp and hold objects. There are four basic types of long nose pliers; tapered, curved, regular, and slip-joint.


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