Maintenance of triangular drill pipe


1. Triangular drill pipes need regular maintenance to d […]

1. Triangular drill pipes need regular maintenance to determine the maintenance cycle, and regular anti-rust and dust-proof treatment.


2. The use of triangular drill rods should be within the rated drilling distance of the drilling rig, and the matching drill rods shall be used according to the technical parameters of the drilling distance.

3. Triangular drill pipe is made by friction welding of special geological drilling pipe for mining geology and its matching joint, so it has good followability and high tensile strength of geological drill pipe, which can be adapted to conventional drilling and Used for gas discharge. When working in hard rock formations, coal seams or other special environments, it is necessary to determine the drilling depth according to the physical properties and parameters of the actual material of the drill pipe.


4. When the triangular drill rod is used in conjunction with the drill bit, the drill bit should be larger than the diameter of the drill rod under normal circumstances, and the condition of the drill rig and the drill rod should always be paid attention to during the drilling process. In the event of stuck drilling, violent death, etc., stop drilling immediately or drill back and then slowly drill into the triangular drill pipe to ensure that the drill pipe does not bend and flat.


5. When the triangular drill pipe is ventilated or through water, make sure that the drill pipe is tightly connected when drilling. When the drill pipe has seals, such as 0-type seals, pay attention to the use of the seals, and replace the seals in time when they are damaged or corroded. After the drilling is completed, the seals are maintained and cleaned.


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