How to effectively extend the life of the drill pipe?


1. The drill rod should be used in strict accordance wi […]

1. The drill rod should be used in strict accordance with the tension, torque and curvature of various drill pipes;


2. Before the homework, the wire buckle oil can effectively prevent the drill rod sticking, reduce unloading torque, and reduce wear. Slowly tighten when the upper buckle is slow, and the overheating wear is reduced.


3. Keep the turnt using a drill pipe to avoid fixing the fixed drill pipe guides and returns to the bunker;


4. Using the rinsing liquid: When the sand layer, when drilling in the ovals layer, high quality mud is used as a rinse liquid. The mud forms a mud, lubricated and protective effect on the outer wall of the drill pipe;

5. The angle of entrance is as small as possible, and the slowness is required to change the angle according to the safety requirements of the drill pipe. Pay special attention to the angular change in the diamonds when drilling into a horizontal segment and drilling.


6. Timely check the wear, bend, and scratches of the drill pipe, and eliminate the wear overwear, obviously bending and ticking and deeper drill pipes.


Usually pay more attention to maintenance drill pipes, effectively extend the life of the drill pipe, more efficient work.


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